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GT Academy Year 4

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Session 1


Program Inventory

Iowa Core


     Common Core State Standards and Gifted Education

     Common Core Position Paper

2e Guidebook - Montgomery County Schools


Session 2

Since you'll be working in district for session 2, I have put all the information and links you'll need on this Wiki.

Step 1: Please create a Google folder (on Drive), name it Academy 4 Day 2 Your District (e.g., Academy 4 Day 2 Heartland AEA), share it with me, and put all the work for today in that folder. Download the PowerPoint below.

Step 2: Download the Meeting Log. You'll be completing this log to document your completion of today's agenda. You might want to upload the log to Google and put it in your folder.

Step 3: Read Chapter 21 in Purcell and Eckert and complete the procession questions and activity below.

Step 4: Download the document "Connecting the Iowa Core with NAGC Standards" (found below). You might want to upload to the Google folder and name with the document title and your district name. Examine the components outlined on this sheet (see slides 4-6 of PowerPoint) and identify similarities and differences you find.

Step 5: Read Chapter 12 in Purcell and Eckert "Managing a Communication Initiative in Gifted Education" Complete the Communication Plan organizer below (slide 7) and share with me in the Google folder.

Step 6: Continue working toward your team goal for the year. (slide 8)

Step 7: Complete this work and share in the Google folder by January 15.



Meeting Log

Chapter 21: Strategic Planning and Gifted Programs - processing questions and activity

NAGC Programming Standards

Connecting Iowa Core with NAGC Stds. graphic organizer

Communication Plan template  - Word

Communication Plan template - Google doc   When you open this document, click on file and make a copy. Rename it as "Communication Plan-your district name" and put it in the folder you share with me.


What Works Clearinghouse

National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented

Kansas DoE Literacy Common Core resources


Session 3

Tuning Protocol

Work due

     Choose a topic to be communicated (related to your team goal), the communication vehicle, and the stakeholder group the communication goes to. Develop a draft of the communication and put it in your Academy 4 folder on Google Drive. Due February 12



Session 4


Big Picture Questions

MTSS Collaborative Inquiry Questions

MTSS D2 Facilitation Guide

Mosinee, WI GT Plan of Service (RtI aligned)

Non-verbal reasoning


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