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Identification Tools

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Characteristics and Behaviors

Matrix Example - not a recommended practice

Instruments Used in the Identification of Gifted and Talented Students - Guidelines from the NRC/GT

Resource List of Gifted and Talented Identification Instruments - from Montana

Teacher Rating Scales and Checklists

Checklist to Identify Gifted Underachievers

Identifying Creativity, Leadership, and Visual and Performing Arts

Identification of Children Who are Gifted in Visual Arts - Ohio handbook

Identification of Children Who are Gifted in Theater/Drama - Ohio handbook

Leadership identification article

Sousa Math Scale

Sousa Language Scale

Purdue Academic Rating Scales - for use with secondary students

Rating Scales and Inventories - starting on page 19

Intake Interview

Intake Interview Rubric

Hope Scale

Hope Scale directions

Identification of Culturally, Linguistically, and Ethnically Diverse (CLED) students

Things This Child Has Done - Sayler scale for teachers

Things My Child Has Done - Sayler scale for parents


Karen Rogers Inventories

Parent Inventory for Finding Potential

Teacher Inventory of Learning Strengths

Attitudes About School and Learning

Reading/Language Interest and Attitudes

Mathematics Interest and Attitudes

Science Interest and Attitudes

Social Studies Interest and Attitudes

Interest and Attitudes About Arts Learning

How Do You Like to Learn?

Rogers Interest Inventory


Interest-a-lyzer Forms - This .pdf includes primary and secondary interest inventories.


New South Wales Identification Packet

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