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Gifted Readers

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Comprehension PowerPoint

Intellectual Needs of Gifted Learners

     pace of learning

     complexity of material

     time with others of like ability

     higher levels of thinking


Attributes of Effective Reading Programs That Support Gifted and Talented Readers (from Collaborative Literacy: Using Gifted Strategies to Enrich Learning for Every Student, by Susan Israel, Dorothy Sisk, and Cathy Collins Block, 2007)


     Provides opportunities for acceleration (beyond what's provided in the regular classroom)

     Questions for the teacher to consider:

     * Do I provide my students with opportunities to use advanced reading materials?

     * Do I allow my talented readers to participate in inquiry-based programs and children's literature discussions appropriate for developing higher level thinking?

     * Do I include writing that encourages elaboration and incorporation of ideas from literature into stories?

     * Do I provide supplementary materials for the development of vocabulary skills?

     * Do I provide opportunities for talented readers to select biographies and texts that deal with multicultural issues?

     * Do I use spelling and vocabulary words from both basal and literary reading selections?

     * Do I allow time for talented readers to tell stories and read personal works?

     * Do I allow time for talented readers to pursue reading material that is based on the children's interests?


Who are gifted readers?

     PowerPoint from Dr. Susannah Richards 

     Strong and Gifted Readers - checklists 

     Sousa Language Scale 


What strategies are appropriate?

     Developing Verbal Talent - Michael Clay Thompson

     Characteristics and Needs of Gifted - from Some of My Best Friends are Books by Judith Wynn Halsted

     Strategies from Bertie Kingore

     Gifted Readers Bill of Rights

     Matching Strategy to Need

     Strategies for Advanced Primary Readers 

     Lesson Variations that Increase Challenge

     "Reading Instruction for Talented Readers: Case Studies Documenting Few Opportunities for Continuous Progress"



     100 Classic Words - Michael Clay Thompson 

     Bloom's Taxonomy

     Fehrenbach study

     Book Lists for Gifted Readers

     SEM-R Bookmarks


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