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GT Academy Year 2

Page history last edited by Mary Schmidt 11 years ago

Academy 2 Survey - click here to access the Academy 2 survey.

Survey Results

Moodle site


Session 1


"Myth: There is a Single Curriculum for the Gifted"

"Myth 9: There is a Single Curriculum for the Gifted" - 2009 update

Thoughts on Curriculum

Curriculum Philosophy for the Gifted   .doc

What is Curriculum?

Overview of Curriculum Models (Google site)

Ascending Levels of Intellectual Demand

Principles of a Differentiated Curriculum - June Maker

Model of Provisions

Planning Template

Karen Rogers' Research Synthesis

Chapter 2

Pinterest - Tina Wahlert

Curriculum Models - Google site


Resources Requested 2011-12

Autonomous Learner Rubric

Bloom's Revised Web site

Cool Tools for Schools wiki


Session 2


Iowa Core - literacy and math

Kansas DE text complexity resources

Teaching for Learner Differences - brief

Differentiation Features Checklist

Reasoning Wheel - Richard Paul

     Group Webs

          group 1, group 2, group 3, group 4, group 5

Curriculum as Profound Engagement with the World - Thompson

"Differentiating the Language Arts for High-Ability Learners" - Joyce Van Tassel-Baska

William and Mary Teaching Models

Student Goals and Outcomes

Scope and Sequence - Rockwood, MO

Depth of Knowledge - Norman Webb


Curriculum Framework Checklist

Curriculum Principles Checklist


Sample Guidelines for Developing a Curriculum Document

Sample Scope and Sequence

Creating Quality Curriculum for Gifted Learners - a PowerPoint developed by Cindy Sheets, Kansas Association for Gifted

"Pretty Good" - Charles Osgood

Habits of Mind



Gifted Resources - Links to free lessons/samples/curriculum

American History in Video


Session 3


NAGC P-12 Programming Standards

Special Education Terms defined for Gifted

Bloom's Taxonomy site from Iowa State

Developing Curriculum Units for Gifted - planning questions

Curriculum Models - Visit this page for more information on the curriculum models identified in Chapter 2.


Integrated Curriculum Model: College of William and Mary, Center for Gifted Education

Brief Overview of Curriculum Web Pages

PowerPoint updated Feb. 22, 2011

Integrated Curriculum Model social studies.doc - The Road to the White House (grades 6-8)

Integrated Curriculum Model science.doc - Electricity City (grades 4-6)

Integrated Curriculum Model math.doc - Spatial Reasoning (grades 6-8)

Integrated Curriculum Model LA.doc - Navigator Novel Studies (grades 2-11 for free Navigators)

Strengths, Weaknesses, and Considerations - M. Culver's opinions concerning specific Integrated Curriculum Model units



Handouts and Supplemental Materials

Chapter 7 

Outline for Curriculum Units

NCATE/CEC Teacher Knowledge and Skills Standards for Gifted and Talented Education

Standards 4 & 7 Self-Assessment

When is Achievement Really Achievement? - blog post

Preparing Creative and Critical Thinkers - Don Treffinger

Higher Order Thinking and Reasoning Skills

Bloom's Taxonomy - from AEA 267

Examples of Concepts

Curriculum Unit Evaluation

Project M3 Sampler

Online Course Resources - from Iowa Learning Online

The Curriculum Project sample units - Indiana DOE



Session 4


GT Knowledge and Skill Standards Self-Assessment

Card Activity

Teacher Observation Scales - College of William and Mary

Differentiation for All Students vs. Differentiation for Gifted Learners - from Diane Heacox's book Making Differentiation a Habit

Mark Prensky articles

     "Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants"

     "Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants, Part 2: Do They Really Think Differently?"

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