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Developing More Curious Minds

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“Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous mind.”  Samuel Johnson


This page includes the materials shared and referenced in the Heartland AEA class Developing More Curious MInds. It has been created to assist each who accesses it in becoming more curious, pursuing his/her ponderings, and creating a classroom environment that promotes curiosity and inquisitiveness.


Visit John Barell's Website!


PowerPoint Days 1-3

PowerPoint Day 4

Course Requirements

Study Guide Developing More Curious Minds

Developing More Curious Minds EtherPad


The Goals of Education

Characteristics of Effective Instruction - definitions

These links are also bookmarked in the Curious Minds Diigo group.

Iowa Core Curriculum - Characteristics of Effective Instruction

The Essential Cognitive Backpack, Levine

Rigor Redefined, Wagner


What is Curiosity? 

Developing Our Curiosities 

Acquire, Make Meaning, Transfer

Teachers are the Key, USA Today


Models of Inquiry 

Habits of Mind, Costa & Kallick  

Inquiry-Based Learning: a workshop from Concept to Classroom

Assessing Inquiry - John Barell


Questioning Models

Questioning Toolkit

Socratic Method

Bloom's Taxonomy

Costa's Three Story Intellect

Questioning Strategies

Questioning Texts - "Banana Thinking"

Framing a Researchable Question



Overview of Diigo

Creating a Diigo Account

Installing the Diigo Toolbar



Flip Cards


50 Reasons Why It Won't Work

Do Schools Kill Creativity? - Sir Ken Robinson

More of Sir Ken Robinson on Creativity

AEA 267 Thinking Skills

Four A's Protocol

Ology Educator's Guide (.pdf)


Web sites


Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

Visual Dictionary and Thesaurus

How Stuff Works


Live Science


World Trek

Blue Zones

Center for Creative Learning


World of Media Heartland AEA


WebQuests and Virtual Field Trips

i4c Virtual Field Trips

UEN Virtual Field Trips






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